6th Aug 2018, 12:00 AM in Chapter 10 - Arach's Army
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Author Notes:

LadyDeliz 6th Aug 2018, 12:00 AM
So Katie (my beta reader) asked me why everybody seems to know who Michael/Rayon are.

They're both well-known in Orinabal, but not for any good reasons. Michael helped all the current crime rings come to power as an enforcer-for-hire. He spent his younger days working for various gangs, threatening law enforcement and rival gangs alike. Michael was so deadly, that before long EVERYONE began to be terrified of him. The freelance dried up, but he had enough experience to begin running his own operation. So he did. He hired ogres and men to help him out as he pulled off wild schemes, from bank robberies to assassinations. Many of these spilled over into the Heroicits series (2010ish to 2015), where he met his eventual end.

During the Heroicits series, Michael says several times that he "had Orinabal by the throat for 30 years." He really did.

The only reason Michael's reign of terror ended is because of Rayon. In the Heroicits finale in 2015, Michael pulls off his biggest scheme yet - becoming king of Orinabal. Rayon, king of Heroicits, had a BIG PROBLEM with this. So he declared war on Orinabal and kicked Michael off the throne.

That war only happened a couple of years ago. The Orinabalians see Rayon as a threat now. They're either angry with him, or terrified of him, which is why he got such a rainbow of reactions when he first approached the courthouse in chapter 8.