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by LadyDeliz

Story Time

Back when I was first bringing SSTWC out of haitus, I decided to finally look for coloring help. But, I'm dirt poor, so it didn't work out very well. As a freelance artist myself, I understand - you want paid. But I'm not making enough to be able to hire someone. That's just how it is.

One of my friends got sick of me complaining and decided to extend pity-coloring services. I'll call him... Hal.

Now, Hal's a good artist. His DeviantArt is full of great art - he has a good grasp on color/color schemes and is always trying new things. At first, Hal's involvement was a huge relief.


I work in the pixel format. Hal works in inches. So, my 800 x 1000 comic page was only about 1.5 x 1.7 (?) inches when he went to color it. He wound up struggling a lot. So, for the next page, I changed my format from pixels to inches, resulting in some pretty massive pages. 2800 x 3500 pix. But, Hal never actually colored one of these. He and I had a... conflict of interest... and I removed him from the project.

Even with Hal gone, I stayed at 2800 x 3500 pixels. The pages it produced were HD quality. About a month before the first 2800 x 3500 page went live on the main site, I uploaded it into my test comic, to make sure it wouldn't break anything.

It looked fine to me. So, I went full steam ahead. I created a 6-week buffer of 2800 pix pages.

Time passed. I finally got through my 800 x 1000 pages, and the first 2800 went live on the main site.




So, I spent an hour troubleshooting. The first thing I did was open Paint.NET, where I took my 2800 pixel page and resized it to 800 pixels. The result was a disasterous, low-quality mess. I also went into my comic's layout editor and messed around with the boxes, but I quickly discovered it wouldn't affect the page size (thanks to the box above.) I was THIS CLOSE to changing the entire layout to match the test comic, which would've taken 4-5 hours to customize.

Finally, I popped open a new tab and looked up 'high quality PNG resize'. The first one I clicked on couldn't handle my comic page. The file was too big to shrink. The second one, though, did the trick. Satisfied with the shrunken page, I ran back to the site and uploaded it.

*long stare*

*long sigh*

Then, I went and fixed the formatting I'd broken earlier.


I'm still a bit miffed at everyone involved. Hal, ComicFury, myself. I lost a huge chunk of my morning to this. And, I still have to go resize the other 6-7 pages, one at a time.

Is there a takeaway from this? Sure. 1.) Don't accomodiate unhelpful people. 2.) Always read the fine print. 3.) Working on webcomics is a pain in the butt.